Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation

The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation (SMBRF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit environmental group founded in 1990 to restore and enhance the Santa Monica Bay and local coastal waters. The Foundation  is the non-profit partner of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.  The Foundation raises and expends funds for research, education, planning, cleanup efforts, and other priorities identified in the Commission's Santa Monica Bay Restoration Plan. We work with a broad group of stakeholders, including government agencies, industry, environmental groups, and scientists, to implement innovative policies and projects that clean up our waterways, create green spaces and natural habitats in the Los Angeles region.

Clean Bay Restaurant Certification Program: "Using Environmentally Beneficial Solutions to Reduce Ocean Pollution"

Restaurants produce large amounts of waste which when handled improperly, can enter our storm drain system and ultimately pollute our rivers and ocean.  Each year, 30 billion gallons of stormwater and urban runoff are discharged into the Santa Monica Bay, a large portion of which comes from restaurants. While many restaurants consistently implement clean practices, many do not. The Clean Restaurant Program plays an important role in reducing ocean pollution by educating restaurants on clean restaurant practices including: proper disposal of wastes, keeping facilities clean, preventing spills, training their employees, and making other environmentally responsible choices.

The program is simple! Just look for restaurants displaying the Clean Bay Restaurant certificate in their window. Clean certified restaurants have passed their inspection with 100% compliance!

We just received our green certification, this wine festival is a proud certified green event.

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